Gifts to Empower Catalog

Thank you for shopping the Gifts that Empower Catalog! Our primary ambition is to create opportunities where none exist. We not only want to help the orphans of today, we desire to fight the root causes of vulnerabilities to prevent children from being orphaned in the future. Whether it's education, medical care, or clean water, each item in this catalog represents an opportunity for a life change, and a community transformed.

Your choice to shop the Empower Catalog this Christmas season is truly changing lives!

1 Computer & Software


Provide 1 computer with software. Item #3117 Otino Waa is becoming certified as a computer training center. In Uganda, there are a lot of good jobs available for someone w...

1 Year Tuition Advanced Education


Advanced Education includes areas of study like accounting, engineering, law, computers and many more. On average, 1 year of advanced education tuition costs $1,100. Item #...

1 Year Vocational Training


Vocational Training equips young adults for careers as carpenters, mechanics, electricians, nurses and other skilled trades. Item #3119



Give a Bible to a child. Item #3107

Book Bag


Give a student a bag to carry their school supplies, books and homework. Item #3102



Provide school books for one child for an entire year of education. Item # 3104

CBC for 1 year


Your sponsorship provides high quality education, nutritional aid and medical attention for a child for one year. Item # 3111 To find a child to sponsor, visit the Sponso...

Clean Water for 1 Child for 1 Year


Bring clean water to 1 child for 1 year in the area that we work. Item # 3106

Clothing & Shoes


Provide everyday clothing and shoes to children in Community Based Care (CBC). Item #3109

Computer Lab & Software


Otino Waa is becoming certified as a computer training center. Outfit the computer lab with 50 laptops, keyboarding training software and office suite software for $15,000....

Dental Exam & Cleaning


There are a total of 250 dentists in all of Uganda. That's 177,629 patients per dentist! Otino Waa is proud to employ two full-time dentists in our clinic. We not only care...



Help furnish a classroom by providing a desk. Item # 3101

Drill a Well


The cost to drill a well in our area that we work in is about $5000. A well in the region in which we work would provide clean, safe water to about 5000 people.   F...

Emergency Medical Fund


The emergency medical fund has allowed us to treat cases ranging from broken bones to heart surgery. Item # 3124

Malaria Testing & Treatment


10.3 million cases of malaria are reported each year in Uganda, making it the country with the highest malaria rates in the world! Otino Waa is located in a swampy region w...

Medical Care


Your contribution provides regular medical care for children and staff of Otino Waa and CBC children. Additionally, the clinic is open to the surrounding community. Item #...

Medical Outreach


Bring medical care to villages deep in the bush of northern Uganda through a medical outreach. Many people live miles from a medical clinic or facility, and often they are ...



On average, microfinance loans to fully launch a business are about $500. A microloan provides entrepreneurs with a five part business start-up training, loan disbursement ...

Mosquito Net


Provide a mosquito net for a child and help prevent malaria and other diseases. Item # 3115



These handmade, wheel thrown mugs are made in the USA. They are red clay, with white glaze, resulting in a beautiful light gray finish. They are microwave and dishwasher sa...

Nutritional Aid 1 Week


Support a CBC family by providing nutritional supplies for one week. Item # 3112

Seeds For 1 Year


Fight hunger by providing seeds for a family's garden. Nutritious fruits and vegetables help children grow up strong and healthy. Item # 3114

Sponsor A Child


Begin changing a child's life by becoming a sponsor. Your monthly gift will provide a child in need with all the essentials to grow and thrive. They will receive access to ...

Thatched Roof


Replace or repair the roof of a CBC child's home. Item # 3113

Toothbrush & Toothpaste


Help children stay clean and healthy! Provide toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap to a child. Item #3110



Clothe a child in a school uniform for a year. Item # 3103

Urgent Needs


Give where needed most. Your gift will be used to meet the most urgent needs of some of the most vulnerable children in the world. Item #3127

Vehicle Fund


As Otino Waa continues to grow and expand, our vehicle needs also grow. Our transportation fund goal for 2020 is to raise $25,000. Item #3120