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Amare Letisia Winslate 1017

Age: 10

Sponsorship Number: 1017

Student Gender: Female

Year Started With Otino Waa: 2/1/19

Favorite Subject in School: Social Studes, Science, Mathematics, English

Favorite Thing To Do: Basketball and reading

Career Goals: Accountant and Politician

Letisia on the day she found out she was coming to Otino Waa Children's Village. January 2019

2019 Primary 4 Class Photo Front Row Amara Letisia Auma Rebecca Akello Mercy Aceng Faith Letisia Marta Okuku Steven Adea Andrew Omunu Gabriel Ongu Emmanuel Ogwal Michael Akullu Mercy Olet Brian Okello Maxwell Amolo Linda Nyana Linda Second Row Aber Dane Apio Mary Adong Catherine Acipa Rebecca Ayo Emmanuel Okwera Andrew Rashid Ogwang Ivan Akullu Catherine Akullu Rachel Apio Shilla Atino Mercy Adong Juliet Ruth Apio Naume Adong Joyce Third Row Aguti Olover Anyango Gladis Okello Kizito Katongole Steven Okello Ricky Solomon Obong Ivan Oping Daniel Omara Daniel Apamu Leah Acio Ruth Ojaba Joshua Odongo Dickens Ajolo Gloria Forth Row Aceng Nancy Akidi Mary Ebuk Brian Orwa Brian Opii Ronald Opul Joshua Opito David Akech Linda Adeke Joshua Kula Zadock Ogwok Amos Amulets Modesta Acola Christina

Letisia (front) with 2 girls from her house and her house mom peeking in on one of our staff members. March 2019

Letisia (right) celebrates the start of a new year with her friends Mercy, Shilla, and Faith! Feb 2020