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Ogwok Stephen 1004

Age: 13

Project: VOH Friend

Sponsorship Number: 1004

Student Gender: Male

Year Started With Otino Waa: 2/1/19

Favorite Subject in School: English

Favorite Thing To Do: Soccer

Career Goals: Teacher

The day we met Stephen. This was taken at his home the day he left for Otino Waa Children's Village. January 2019

Primary 1 class Photo 2019 Front Row Amongi Lydia Akite Blecell Apio Mercy Hope Amuge Joshua Atala Jessica Ogwal Solomon Odongo Amos Amarba Moses Alum Rita Aceng Elizabeth Apio Rachel Ayana Mariah Aceng Tracy Victorius Acen Priscilla Second Row Acen Susan Opio Bonny Okwir Joshua Opio Silas Ivan Odongo Walter Otim Timothy Atoo Allan Among Robinah Adong Vivian Ogwok Stephen Ongom Allen

Stephen (front left) with his cousins and siblings at Otino Waa Children's Village. October 2019

Stephen and his family during a home visit. Franka, Fiona, Walter, Daniel Frances, Stephen. (left to right). June 2020

During a home visit, Reverend Dickens had races and games with the kids. Stephen is to the left of Reverend Dickens. June 2020.

During the games Stephen takes a leap. June 2020